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Can more funding help you reach your organization's mission goals?

Many non-profit organizations struggle after receiving their 501c3 tax exempt status due to the lack of proper guidance.

The founder of the organization is usually spending hours of their time building the organization on their own without board support, donor support, partnership support, and funding support.

Does this sound like your organization?

● You have heard of funding success stories from similar non-profit organizations within a few years of them launching and want to know their "secret sauce".

● You’ve been struggling to reach your mission goals and impacting more lives without adequate organization income.

● You have dreams of paying yourself an Executive Director salary from the non-profit organization but don't know how.

● You're ready to stop doing the things that are not growing the organization and implement new systems to reach new levels.

Then the Non Profit Bootcamp is for YOU!

The same system that is used with our

non-profit clients that greatly INCREASE their annual revenue.

Bootcamp Mock Up Sales Page.PNG

As a non profit and business consultant of 9 years I've spoken to different Grant Makers on their expectations of organizations. I've also heard many organizations speak of their struggles. I discovered that the organization's that were struggling current system didn't align with Grant Makers. And, if the organization's system doesn't align with the funding decision makers then its not a perfect match. 

I created this Bootcamp based off of the many struggles that non-profit's face in their earlier years. 

I developed a system for non-profits to follow that will lead them to long lasting funding support. 

Your organization can reach new levels like some of the organization's that you admire to be like...


Meet Your Instructor...


Hello, I'm Suzanne D. Vaughn, the founder of Grant Writing At Its Finest Consulting (GWAIF) LLC. We are a consulting company that was founded in 2012 to assist non profit organizations and business find sustainable solutions. 

We have been blessed to have helped clients throughout the United States with making a difference.

Our focus has been to assist with incorporating the new entity and provide guidance for locating sustainable support .

My journey working with non profit organizations has been extremely impactful over the years. 

It is extremely rewarding to see organizations and business implement new systems and reach their mission/vision goals.

If your organization is similar to the many organization's that I've worked with then you also want to throw out old systems and implement NEW systems that work!

The Non-Profit Bootcamp allows you to make changes in your organization for future funding support!



  • Build long lasting relationships with Grant Makers.

  • Allows you to achieve funding support, donor support, board support, and establish partnerships.

  • Impact more lives.

  • Pay yourself an Executive salary.

  • A new system that aligns with funders.

  • Reach your mission and vision goals.


Of Course! You can continue doing things as you are or you can try something new and witness a different result. 

Here's what some of our clients are saying....

Executive Director Claudia Silverthorn Mess 2 A Message says " We are growing at a rapid rate and owe so much to GWAIF Consulting LLC"

PIC3 Organization says "Choosing GWAIF was one of the best decisions I've made. Truly a awesome service that will enable your organization to get to the next level."

Executive Director Constance Gilkie Transformational Living Homes says "I want to thank you for the work that was done with us receiving the grant. We are looking forward to submitting to more grant opportunities."


Your organization will run smoother and the Founder/Executive Director will no longer be burned out from hours and hours of work!

You founded your non-profit to make a difference through your programs as so many individuals depend on you!

The Non-Profit Bootcamp Is For You If....

  • You're ready to build long lasting funding support.

  • You're ready to receive your annual revenue from funders who believe in your mission.

  • You’re ready to throw out old systems and implement new systems.

  • You're ready to impact more lives.

  • You're ready to build a support team to further grow the organization.

The Non-Profit Bootcamp Is NOT For You If...

  • You’re not ready to make changes to old ways.

  • You don't have the time to start a new system.

  • You're not trying to build new relationships and a support team.

  • You're comfortable with the way your current system works.

  • You're not ready to reach new organization levels.

It's time to work smarter and NOT harder!

You deserve to achieve more and...

  • Increase the non profit income and pay yourself a salary.

  • Pay a non-profit staff.

  • Have a system that works in place to avoid the founder or Executive Director being burned out.

  • Having a strong support team that supports year after year.​

This is what a Sustainable Non-Profit looks like...

The Non-Profit Bootcamp is NOT another webinar but a full Non-Profit Makeover!

You will learn the 6-Step Implementing System and apply it to your non-profit organization.

There is a non-profit community of other organizations ready to share new ideas and collaborate...

Lets Work!

This 6-Week Bootcamp will cover...


Week 1
Board Development
Learn how to build a effective non-profit board of supporting professionals. A strong non-profit depends on the board of directors assisting with the organization mission goals. 


Week 2
Program Development
Discover how to develop non-profit programs and prepare them for the most serious funding questions. The Program department of a non-profit is the most crucial part of the grant proposal. You will structure each program to align with what funders expect to see from organizations.


Week 3
Sustainability Planning
You will learn how to create a annual sustainability plan for your non-profit to follow year after year! You will have to create a sustainability plan that is suitable for your organization.


Week 4
Effective Grant Writing
Learn tools for effective grant writing for your organization. You will learn Grants Research, Letter Of Inquiry Crafting, Grant Proposal Crafting, Creating a Budget, Preparing Financials, and how to Build Long Lasting Funder support.


Week 5
You will learn how to develop and implement fundraising strategies to generate more non-profit revenue. Fundraising efforts highlights organizations and demonstrates longevity. 


Week 6
Donor Relations

You will learn how to build donor relations, implement a donor tracking system, craft donor letter of requests, and plan a donor campaign drive for your organization.

BUT WAIT...there's more to help you make a difference!

The next COURSE STARTS May 14, 2021







Non Profit Bootcamp can be completed in 6 weeks or over time.


Non Profit Bootcamp Facebook Community ($395 value)

Letter Of Inquiry Samples ($295 value)

Grant Proposal Samples ($495 value)


Grant Readiness Checklists ($195 value)

Grant Writing Checklists ($295 value)

Non Profit Bootcamp Guidebook, Step By Step Video Instructions, Guides, Budget Samples and Templates, Financial Statement Templates, Lifetime Access ($595 value)

3 Bi-weekly LIVE TRAINING REVIEW SESSIONS ($995 value) 

Group 2 Hour Class Review Session $225


 $3685  in bonuses!!!

...AND, if you choose the Pay in Full savings option, you will get a one on one 1 hour

 Strategic Planning Session with Suzanne D. V.

A $5500 Value Course


And the BOOTCAMP is available to you....

for ONLY 







2 Payments of $490 

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