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Non- Profit Startup Services

We offer 5 main services for Non-Profits: Incorporation Filings, Tax Filings, Grant Writing, Funders Research, and Certifications. Fees are for services only and do not include state fees.


We're ready to get you started! When you select your service, please download and complete attached forms. Forms should be completed and emailed to:

Option #1 for Non Profit Startups
  • Articles of Incorporation (Incorporation Filing only)

Total Price: $275
Option #2 for Non Profit Startups
  • Articles of Incorporation $275

  • Tax ID Number

  • Statement of Information $55

  • 501c3 Application Process $495

  • Bylaws

  • Conflict of Interest Policy Template

  • Non-Profit Compliance Guide

  • State Exemption

  • Bonus Accounting Training

       ​(State fees may vary)

Total Price: $825
Option #3 for Non Profit Startups

​Must be Incorporated | IRS fees not included

  • 501c3 Application Process ($495)

  • Tax ID

  • Bylaws

  • Conflict of Interest Policy Template

  • Non-Profit Compliance Guide

Total Price: $495
Startup Services
Non Profit Taxes 990N
Gross Revenues 50k or less
Total Price: $175
Non Profit Taxes 990EZ
Gross Revenues 50k-199k
Total Price: $475
Non Profit Taxes 990/990PF
Gross Revenues 200k or more
Total Price: $575
Tax Services

Grant Writing & Funders Research Report

Grant Writing Basic Retainer Plan

Includes up to 15 hours of Service

  • Research for Funding Opportunities

  • Proposal Preparation

  • Proposal Submission

  • Follow Up

Note: More hours purchased, increases your funding opportunities. Up to 80 hours per month available.

Grant Management Service is available for an additional discount fee after grant has been awarded.

Total Price: $1495
Grant Writing & Funding Membership
Funders Research Report
  • Customized Report

  • Several Funding Categories Deadlines

  • Amount Giving

  • Direct Funding Contact

  • Approach Guidance

Non Profit Social Enterprise Certification

Online Training Series
Sponsorship DIY Package
Total Price: $595

Non Profit Certification

  • Vendor Registration

  • Capability Statement

  • Social Enterprise Certification

Non Profit Contract Opportunities

Contract Opportunities

Federal, State, & Local Government RFP Proposal Writing Services.

  • RFQ/RFP Proposal Writing-each of these solicitations require a proposal response and there is a commitment by the government. 

Request For Information (RFI) when the government wants to get a better handle on the methods and processing task for accomplishing the task.

Request For Qualifications (RFQ) a effort to make an evaluation of the potential contractors available in the marketplace and to determine if their skills match.

Request For Proposals (RFP) the project and funding have been approved and the agency is looking to evaluating BIDS for the purpose of awarding a contract.

  • Research and Writing Contract Proposals for private sector contract opportunities.

​Plans Start Off At $1295 per month with monthly research and 1 proposal submission per month. Prices vary per number of proposal submissions.



Total Price: $1295

Sponsorship DIY Package

Sponsorship DIY Package

Build Strong Relationships with Corporate Sponsors. 

  • Learn how to reach the Top 100 Corporate Sponsors.

  • Collect Corporate Dollars for your events or to keep your Non Profit Running.

  • Proper Preparation

  • Pitch Perfection

  • Reach Decision Makers

  • Craft the Perfect Proposal 

  • Sponsorship Training, Guidebook & Proposal Templates. 

Limited Time Special Price
Total Price: $197

Non Profit Consultant Training

Learn to master the craft & get paid! The Non Profit Consultant Private training is available to those looking to step into Non Profit Consulting.

  • Effective Grant Writing

  • Learn what services to provide to your future clients

  • Fees for Services

  • Marketing Services

  • Build long lasting relationships with clients.


If you haven’t registered yet and would like to step into the nonprofit consulting industry, email

Total Price: $597
$1200 Value
NP Consultant pic.jpg

Online Training Series

Non Profit Bootcamp

Get $5,500 worth of consulting in this valued course for a limited time!

Non Profit Bootcamp is designed to help your non-profit succeed.                                     

  • Board Development

  • Program Development

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Grant Writing

  • Fund Raising

  • Donor Relations

Total Price: $1497
6 Week Implementing Training Modules
Step By Step Workbooks
6 plus Hours of Training

Video Instructions
Bi-Weekly LIVE Sessions
Implementing Assignments
Bonuses and more.

$5500 Value

Save More when you Pay In Full and receive 1 Hour One on One Strategic Planning Session.

Payment Plans are available for 2 payments of $748.50.

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