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GWAIF Policies

Project Turnaround

Project turnaround may vary depending on the type of project. For Non Profit Start Ups processing time is 2-4 weeks depending on State, IRS approval time varies. For Business Start Ups processing time is 2-4 weeks depending on State. For Grant Writing processing time varies per project usually a retainer agreement is in placed and client is updated monthly.  For Non Profit Taxes/ Business Taxes processing time 2-4 weeks. For All other projects please inquire during the complimentary phone consultation. All projects require agreements and fees upfront before services can begin. Time allotted per project can vary depending on all requested information received from client.  


Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds due to being a company that renders a service. We will promise to provide you with your project as promised in our services agreements/contracts. We take pride in helping you make a difference and will provide you with all services requested.


For ALL projects service fees are due before the start of the project. All fees made on projects are non-refundable.


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