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Non-Profit/Business Services


Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients! We are consistently developing ways to help you increase your opportunities!


GWAIF Consulting LLC is a full services consulting company providing quality Non-Profit/Business Services for your Non-Profit, Business, Schools, and Cities.

We understand that meeting your goals and objectives can be a difficult task without the proper preparation and guidance. Allow GWAIF Consulting LLC to help you reach those goals. We will overlook the content of your project and find sustainable opportunities that will help you reach your funding, non-profit, business, schools, or city goals.

Welcome To GWAIF LLC

GWAIF LLC takes pride in providing professional consulting services at reasonable prices to help you make the difference that you wish to see. We are known for our exceptional grant writing services that are provided to Non Profit organizations and some Businesses throughout the United States. We understand that reaching your funding goals can be a difficult task. Our grant writing services include us looking over the content of your project and finding funding opportunities that will match your program.

Since our launch in 2012, we have helped several Non Profit organizations 
and Businesses Startup through our professional Startup services. We take the idea of starting a new Non Profit organization or business and making it a reality so that you can make the difference that you wish to see. 

We have a 100% success rate of assisting Non Profit organizations throughout the United States become an official 501c3 tax-exempt organization. 

We serve ALL 50 states!

After the new organization or business is launch GWAIF LLC seeks to 
provide sustainable opportunities to help them reach their goals through our variety of consulting services. Check out our services to see how we can help you make a difference.

Speak to one of our consultants today!

Non-Profit Bootcamp


Proofreading Grant Proposals and Editing


There is only one chance to make a great impression with a funding foundation. Our proofreading and editing service will look over your already written LOI and or proposal and make it ready for submission.

Services include:

•    Typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation
•    Readability
•    Clarity, consistency, tone, and flow
•    Jargon that may be unfamiliar outside your organization
•    Paying attention to funders formatting and requirements

Grant Evalution Plan


Our Grant Evaluation Plan will keep your organization up to standards for future grant awards. Most funding foundations require a grant evaluation plan with the grant proposal, and the Non-Profit will need to follow an evaluation plan throughout the funding year.

Grant Writing at Its Finest will evaluate your organization and draft up a evaluation plan for your organization to follow. An evaluation should always be a third party source, and we will evaluate your organization before and after a grant is awarded.

Fundraising Plans


Our Fundraising Plans will set your non-profit up for fundraising success. Fundraising is a great sustainability option and can help your non-profit raise much-needed funds and promote awareness.


Plans include:
•    Strategic Plan
•    Plan Event Instruction and or Involvement
•    Increased Visibility

Grant Prospect Research Report



We will provide you with a detailed comprehensive report of potential funders that will most likely fund your project.

The report will consist of an abstract, foundation information, and deadline due dates. The report can vary in funders that are seeking to fund your type of project.

This report is beneficial to organizations that have already prepared a proposal but lack the researched information.

Non-Profit Accounting Setup



We will coach you on what to do after your 501c3 has been approved so that proper funding can be obtained in the future. We offer consulting services to new and existing non-profit organizations so that goals are met.

Services include:
•    Coaching on the proper non-profit
accounting software
•    Keeping up to date financial statement reports and how important it is to receiving funding (donations received, grants, and fundraisers, etc.)
•    Coaching on the proper accounts to set up.

Organization Program Development



We offer detailed program and organization development to prepare your organization for grant funding. There are often times where organizations are not ready for the grant writing process due to the lack of program structure.

We assist organizations with becoming grant ready.

Services include:
•    Program Evaluation
•    Identify Program Activities
•    Structuring Program
•    Marketing Analysis



If you already have an opportunity to do something great, then what are you waiting for?  Get started right away with our Consultants.

 Receive a $25 referral fee for each referral that pays for a service with us.


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